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This fantastic set of reclaimed wooden gear moulds are very rare and wonderfully decorative.

Original gear moulds like these are getting harder and harder to find (be wary of cheaper reproduction pieces). Hung together on a wall they make for a spectacular display, and one which can be reconfigured endlessly by moving the cogs around into different positions. We think they'd look amazing against a bare brick wall or long bar counter in or a rustic or industrial setting.

These wheels were essentially wooden patterns from which steel gears would have been created. Each time a piece of machinery broke, a new piece had to be made because they were all different individual parts, which were not mass produced. A pattern of the required gear would be made from wood, from which a sand casting would be made. Molten metal would then be poured into the mould in order to form a metal copy.

Additional Information


For clarity we have named the individual gears A - F, as detailed in photo 2.

Gear A
Diameter: 33.5"

Gear B
Diameter: 13"

Gear C
Diameter: 11"

Gear D
Diameter: 34"

Gear E
Diameter: 19"

Gear F
Diameter: 32"

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