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Vintage advertising signs, with their bright colours, beautiful typefaces and gorgeous graphics, possess an old-school charm and rustic patina that modern-day designs simply can't compete with. In recent years they have become increasingly popular and they are in great demand from serious collectors and design lovers alike.

This small, heavily distressed enamel advertising sign for Sunlight Soap is a great looking piece which is of local interest, the Lever Brothers factory having been located at the beautiful model village of Port Sunlight, which was built for the factory workers by Lord Leverhulme.

The sign features a striking blue, red and yellow colour scheme and beautiful lettering. Text to the bottom left corner offers a £1000 reward to "any person who can prove that this soap manufactured by Lever Brother Limited Port Sunlight contains any form of adulturation whatsoever or contains any injurious chemicals". The sign is heavily distressed, with significant paint loss, but is still one of our favourites due to the charm of the unusual design.

Love the look? We have a great collection of vintage enamel signs in stock, which look wonderful displayed together as a group.

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Height: 15"
Width: 20"

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