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This stunning piece was painstakingly and expertly reclaimed by hand from a school in Liverpool.

Made from beautiful red brick, topped with elegant decorative pillar caps, these arches used to hang over the separate 'Junior Girls and Senior Girls' and 'Junior Boys and Senior Boys' entrances at the school - a beautiful and nostalgic reminder of times gone by.

We think the type face used for the lettering is absolutely gorgeous, and it's safe to say that this has proven one of the most popular and remarked upon pieces at our yard - it's just awaiting the perfect home to do it justice! Because the piece is split into two separate sides with arches beneath, it would lend itself perfectly to being built as either side of a bridge over a large ornamental pond, or could be constructed on either side of the entrance to a terrace or lawned area.

£950.00 per section (exclusive of VAT) REDUCED!

Additional Information:

Measurements :

The feature is broken down in to two sections 'Senior Boys / Junior Boys' and Senior Girls / Junior Girls'

The measurements below are for one of the two sections.

Length 17ft 10"
Height 6ft 3"
Depth 15 1/2"

Price (Ex VAT) £950.00
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