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Flooring Preparation at Reclaimed World



The flooring arrives into our sheds. If you can imagine a 'box of matches' being dropped!






Scraping all four sides of every floorboard using a hand scraper.



This is critical for the person laying the boards as it enables you to butt the boards up square to one another. Without this being completed re-laying the boards is far more time consuming and problematic. 


Unscraped boards
(not together)

Scraped boards
(butted tight)



The first job we complete is to remove all the nails by hand. We always strive to remove the nails through the back of board and by hand, as this is critical to reducing the damage to the face of the board.






Each board is then individually inspected for damage to the face of the board. Any section which has either been split, heavily marked, not straight or damaged is then removed. This keeps waste down to a minimum and again saves time when laying.




The final stage is then to tape the processed pieces in to bundles of 4 of the same length. This again is critical as it enables us to measure the boards accurately to give you the exact amount that you require.

It also means that we can give everyone a cross section of the flooring, some small, some medium and some long lengths to help create a floor with great character. Furthermore, the bundles are easy to work with regarding transportation and laying.



As stated, we pride ourselves at Reclaimed World on the quality of our product and the service we provide, so please come and visit us in person and we can demonstrate to you how we operate...